TAO Translator v1.3.4

A new version of TAO Translator was released today. While BlackBerry 10 and Sailfish OS versions are awaiting approval in their corresponding app stores (usually takes up to several days), Nokia N9 and Symbian users can already download it.

The main reason for v1.3.4 was Microsoft’s plans to shutdown DataMarket API on 20.04.2017. TAO Translator now uses Azure Cognitive Services API. Also, some UI localizations were updated.


TAO Translator v1.3.1

A new version of TAO Transator was released just before the Christmas. Today it was approved in all relevant app stores. The only purpose of this release is to fix “server replied: Forbidden” error in Google Translate service. However it also includes two new languages, which were submitted after v1.3.0 release: Hungrian and Portuguese.

There were few other, more technical changes. You can see them on GitHub.


TAO Translator v1.2.0

This morning TAO Translator v1.2.0 was released. The main highlight of this release is transliteration support - one of the most requested features. Transliterations are provided by Google Translate for most non-Latin scripts. It also brings an option to start translation by pressing Enter / Return key, transcription support in Yandex.Dictionaries (provided at least for English language), and enables longer text to be translated with Google Translate. Also, on BlackBerry 10 you can make donations directly from the app.

Here’s a complete ChangeLog:


Fahrplan v2.0.26

A new version of Fahrplan was released 4 days ago and today it was approved in the BlackBerry World. Feel free to go and updated it from your respective app store. This version brings improvements to EFA, Hafas Binary, and services, as well as calendar settings for Sailfish OS and UI improvements to Ubuntu Touch.

Here’s a full ChangeLog:


TAO Translator is now "Built for BlackBerry"

Great news, everyone! Shortly after the release of TAO Translator v1.1.0, it was approved to the Built for BlackBerry program. This means that it conforms to a strict set of criteria set by BlackBerry and delivers a signature BlackBerry 10 experience.

Here’s what BlackBerry says about the program:


TAO Translator v1.1.0

After a bit more than a year since last release, version 1.1.0 of TAO Translator was released last Friday. Builds for Symbian and Nokia N9 were available immediately, builds for BlackBerry 10 and Sailfish OS were approved in the corresponding app stores today. So feel free to go and update TAO Translator if you didn’t do it yet.



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