Fahrplan v2.0.26

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A new version of Fahrplan was released 4 days ago and today it was approved in the BlackBerry World. Feel free to go and updated it from your respective app store. This version brings improvements to EFA, Hafas Binary, and 9292ov.nl services, as well as calendar settings for Sailfish OS and UI improvements to Ubuntu Touch.

Here’s a full ChangeLog:

  • 9292ov.nl: Display train number in journey details and timetable, attributes in journey details, distance to a station when searching by coordinates, and walking duration.
  • Improvements to EFA (Dubai, Ireland, Munich, Victoria, Salzburg, SF Bay, and Sydney) service.
  • Improvements to Hafas Binary (bahn.de, and OBB) service.
  • Ubuntu Touch: Various GUI improvements.
  • Sailfish OS: Calendar settings were added.
  • Sailfish OS: Display of error messages when search fails.
  • New: Greek translation.

For more details you can check changes between versions 2.0.25 and 2.0.26 on GitHub.


Short URL: https://olse.me/pjb