TAO Translator v1.3.0

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A new version of TAO Translator was released yesterday and today it was approved in all relevant app stores. This is mainly a bugfix relese, but because it introduces in-app analytics, I decided to bump the version to 1.3.0.

Here’s a list of changes since v1.2.0:

  • Google Translate: A possible fix (workaround) for “Service unavailable” translation error (issue #49).
  • Yandex.Dictionaries: Fix for “SSL handshake failed” error on some phones (issue #50).
  • Actual SSL errors are now reported instead of just “SSL handshake failed”.
  • In-app analytics were added. You will be asked whether to enable them at first start.
  • When Paste’n’Translate is activated, “Paste” button will replace existing source text with the text from clipboard; when Paste’n’Translate is deactivated, “Paste” button will insert clipboard text without touching existing source text.
  • BlackBerry 10: “Paste” button was never enabled when TAO Translator was started after phone restart but before any text was copied to clipboard.
  • Sailfish OS: Fix wrong path for saving language settings.
  • Nokia N9, Symbian: Fix for “SSL handshake fail” when checking for updates (issue #48).
  • Symbian: Yet another try to fix Symbian input issues. Also, pressing on the application title while in input mode will now return to the normal mode.
  • New UI localizations: Bulgarian, Catalan, Finnish, Polish, and Swedish.

For more technical details, feel free to check the changes between versions 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 on GitHub.


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