Two hotfix releases of Fahrplan

Two new releases of Fahrplan were released yesterday. Version 2.0.22 was already approved in all relevant app stores. Version 2.0.23 is still in the review process for BlackBerry World and Jolla Store.

Both of them are hotfixes for broken service. So if you were getting “Unknown error occurred with the backend (error 12)” error message, be sure to go and update Fahrplan.

Except for the fix of, version 2.0.22 contains an improved About page.


Fahrplan v2.0.21

A new version of Fahrplan was released today. It’s already available for Symbian users from Fahrplan website and Nokia N9 / N950 users from All other users should check their respective app stores in a few days or wait until they get upgrade notification.




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