Fahrplan v2.0.20

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Somehow I forgot to announce this…

A new version of Fahrplan was released last week. By this date, it should already be approved in all relevant app stores so feel free to go and update it.

In this release:

  • New: Train direction is displayed in journey details for most services.
  • New: If available, additional information about the train is displayed in journey details for most services.
  • New: Duration of walk is shown for bahn.de.
  • New: Information about train cancellation is displayed for bahn.de and öbb.at services.
  • Performance improvements for sbb.ch, reiseinfo.no, rejseplanen.dk and 9292ov.nl services.
  • öbb.at now uses new protocol which brings performance improvements and uses less traffic.
  • Additional info about journey is no longer added to calendar entry if compact format is selected in settings.
  • New translations: Romanian, Persian and Dutch.
  • Existing translations were updated.
  • You can now easily translate Fahrplan into your own language: see link in the About page.

Also, this release fixes empty Fahrplan window in the latest Sailfish OS update ( Uitukka).

If you want more technical details, you can see changes between versions 2.0.19 and 2.0.20 on GitHub.


Short URL: https://olse.me/UFd