TAO Translator v1.3.5

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After one and a half year since last release, a new version of TAO Translator arrives. This is a bugfix release, dedicated mainly to SSL handshake error with Google Translate service on some platforms. However, there are few additional fixes. Here’s a full ChangeLog:

  • Google Translate: Fixed SSL error on some platforms, caused by untrusted root certificate (issue #59).
  • Source and target translation languages were updated for all services (issue #60).
  • BlackBerry 10: Donation functionality was removed as payments are no longer supported in the BlackBerry App World (issue #62).
  • Nokia N9, Symbian: Workaround SSL handshake error when checking for updates.
  • New UI localization: Dutch (Belgium).
  • Some UI localizations were updated.

For more technical details, feel free to check out the changes between versions 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 on GitHub.


Short URL: https://olse.me/rf9

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Symbian still lives, thank you very much!


Keep it up man! Thx for Symbian release. U rock. :)