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This project is archived.
Draw your pictures for Pascal easily

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A simple, Paint-like graphics painting program for MS-DOS. Pictures are saved and loaded in it’s own binary format. Supports up to 256 colors in 640x480 resolution and comes with a library (‘unit’ in Pascal terms) that allows pictures to be used in other Pascal programs.

Here’s the original description from help (unedited):

This program was created for people who write graphic programs on Turbo Pascal and doesn’t want to draw pictures using a large number of operators like Line, Circle, Ellipse, FloodFill etc. and to spend a lot of time to combine them into a good-looking picture. With the help of this program You can draw a picture for Your program easily and then You can use it with the help of the included unit (usepdps.tpu) not only in one program, but in all programs where You would like to. Also You can save pictuers drawn in Turbo Pascal and change them into (:PicDrawa;). Read the second part of the General help to know how to use pictures drawn by (:PicDrawa;) in Turbo Pascal programs…

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I am the author of this project.


Sample image, drawn in (:PicDrawa;)Sample image, drawn in (:PicDrawa;)


Файл PicDrawa.exeVersion 1.2, runs best with DOSBox188.5 КБ
Файл Examples.exeExample pictures, self-extracting archive217 КБ