CD-ROM Open/Close

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This project is archived.

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A small tool that sits in the system tray and opens/closes your CD/DVD drive when you double-click its icon.

Here’s the original description (unedited):

This is a small prog I wrote for myself that opens and closes CD-ROM drive. It creates an icon in tray, so it can be easily accessed. You can select an action to perform, when you doubleclick icon.

This version support three languages - English, Ukrainian and Russian. Languages can be easily added using the file Languages.ini, which comes with the installation package.

CD-ROM Open/Close can be useful for those, who has problems accessing open-close button of your drive. For example, my system is situated in the manner, that when I sit I can reach opened drive, but can’t reach button. So I decided to make available to open and close drive using software.

If you have more than one CD-ROM devices CD-ROM Open/Close will work only with the first.

Мій внесок: 

I wrote this program primarily for personal use, when my computer’s system block was standing in a way that it wasn’t convenient to reach CD-ROM drive open button from my seat, but opened CD-ROM tray was still reachable.



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