TAO Translator v1.2.0

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This morning TAO Translator v1.2.0 was released. The main highlight of this release is transliteration support - one of the most requested features. Transliterations are provided by Google Translate for most non-Latin scripts. It also brings an option to start translation by pressing Enter / Return key, transcription support in Yandex.Dictionaries (provided at least for English language), and enables longer text to be translated with Google Translate. Also, on BlackBerry 10 you can make donations directly from the app.

Here’s a complete ChangeLog:

  • An option to start translation after pressing Enter / Return key on the keyboard (issue #41).
  • Paste’n’Translate: New Paste button will insert source text from the clipboard and trigger a translation right away.
  • Copy button will now copy whole translation if nothing is selected.
  • As a consequence, redundant Select All button was removed.
  • Donation link was moved higher on the About page.
  • Google Translate: Support for displaying transliteration, when provided (issue #34).
  • Google Translate: Longer texts can be translated now.
  • Microsoft Translator: Display detected language when source language is set to autodetect
  • Yandex.Dictionaries: Support for displaying transcription, when provided (issue #34).
  • BlackBerry 10: Support for making donations directly from the app.
  • New UI localizations: Arabic, French, and Spanish.

In case you’re interested in more technical details, check out the changes between versions 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 on GitHub.


Short URL: https://olse.me/9SJ